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Top 10 Reference Websites

Top 10 Reference Websites

Top Reference Websites – Reference – The term which when related to an individual gets his or her hands for linking to source of data and information or we can say that by referencing we mean to work on deed of mentioning to something. When we turn on to the question that is, what is a reference site, the answer concludes out to be the source of information that can be related to other certain aspect or in simple words the site which provides information about the data which acts to connect the link of one first object in relation to the second object.

Here the list of Top 10 Reference websites

1 | Wikipedia

2 | Yahoo! Anwers

3 | About

4 | Answers

5 | Wikia

6 | eHow

7 | Reference

8 | WikiHow

9 | GoogleBooks

10 | StackExchange

and here are some most popular Reference websites

11 | HubPages

12 | HowStuffWorks

13 | InternetArchive

14 | ChaCha

15 | Squidoo


The reference based websites in this era is created by a number of sources of facts and figures which are available through printed and digital form as head. One of the main consideration taken under references sites and pages is its basic form of use in APA style, which stands for American Psychological Association. The firm has created the formatting style that is used in referencing as a benchmark and evaluated with the same format by people using the sources. In short the referencing when used in research or other projects, let us to simplify our work by interconnecting the previously occurred results and their methods of performing the technique, concluding an advantage on issue we are working on. Now, when we move our face towards the types of reference in which one of the main sample of population use is reference sites for students, the students use reference sites for their main purpose of studying and grasping the concepts that may or may not be easily understood. After the source when the student has to write it in the last page of project, the basic criterion to be followed for making a reference page which is a predefined format by APA.

top reference websites


Carrying on to next section which involve the major use of references is in research papers, so contributing to the bulge in reference sites for research papers. It is not easy to get handpicked best sites for references but if someone is earthed in certain work related to project or research, he or she has to keep it mandatory in mind to pick out the top 10 reference websites. Take use of the best measures to maintain your records and implement them as per beneficiary. To figure out the best reference websites 2016, one of the main point of comparison you can take is making into consideration the source that is, book or peer reviewed journal article or website or other media etc., as in source and does made on the same grounds for support. At the end if you need to write down the citations or the references you can choose out of two methods – first is that you have to follow the basic criteria to write the reference or second is to use reference site generator. The generator will work as per the factor or point of concern to the APA and therefore you can involve in reference sites APA for better options and clarified data on references.