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Top 10 Search Engines

Top 10 Search Engines

Top Search Engines – Before mandling your query about search engine, let us be familiar with the search engines definition. A search engine can be said as a program that is meant to read your text or query in form of keys or keywords and shows back the results mentioning the same query of yours in a defined manner. The outcome a search engine displays is mostly in descending rank and also depending upon their importance. When we classify the types of search engines, broadly saying there are two different types on which we can classify them. First one is Crawler based search engine and the second one is Human powered directories. They are differentiated on the basis of their working and listings, as crawler automatically crawls the websites and then makes the index of what it finds in the web site or sometimes the webpages. On the other hand, the human powered search engine works on human editors to build their own listing, so submitting their own defined small explanation to form a search base. Therefore the comparison makes easy to figure out the uses of search engine, to what type we should prefer according to their workings.

Here the list of Top 10 Search Engines

1 | Google

2 | Bing

3 | Yahoo! Search

4 | Ask

5 | Aol Search

6 | Wow

7 | WebCrawler

8 | MyWebSearch

9 | Infospace

10 | Info

and here are some most popular Search Engines websites

11 | DuckDuckGo

12 | Contenko

13 | Dogpile

14 | Alhea

15 | ixQuick


Asia is also in the race of making their popularity in the course of search engines. India is also one of the country participating in race, there are list of local search engine in India and by some or other reason they are not able to get that much priority in the market. The fire boosted on the topic of making search engine that is of Indian origin commenced in year 2000, hence the next round to become the first indian search engine started.  In indian search engine list, certain search engines make out in market for a course of time but some of them are not able to hold the ground, carrying them from the list towards the end.

top search engines


To become the no 1 search engine in the world, there are some points that has to be ensured first like defining the search engine to work for not only in a particular nation but that can be accessible around the globe. Building the difference of what to use in the category of types of search engines is the next consideration. There are more factors on which the statement “becoming the best search engine” relies and hence the battle for one of the best engines is intact. One of the case we can consider in this hierarchal position building is of excite search engine. The search engine was on dominating scale in 1990s but as the curve says, the thing that goes up will come down eventually. In the market of brands, excite was in the top most category before its decline in early 2000s. Making rank in the platform of World Wide Web is not that easy, if you got a position you have to do what it takes for both maintaining that position and building your way up where the top most competitors are in the market.